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Denture Adhesives

There may be some confusion surrounding denture adhesives because there are many adverts on television concerning them. However, most dentists will tell you that adhesives are not necessary because dentures should be secure enough without them.

Why do people use denture adhesives?

Some people may use denture adhesive if their dentures become slightly loose. However, this is not advisable because loose dentures can cause irritation and pain in the gums and it is much more beneficial to see your dentist, rather than start using an adhesive. Most dentists recommend relining dentures every two years and regular check-ups will allow dentists to check the fit of the dentures. If they start to become loose, they may need adjusting and your dentist can arrange this.

Denture adhesives are not needed in the majority of case, but that is not to say they aren’t beneficial in some cases. Some people feel more comfortable wearing denture adhesives and, if this is the case, there is usually no reason to stop.

Types of denture adhesive

The two main types of denture adhesive are powder and pastes. Powder adhesives are generally easier to clean than pastes and they do not cause any problems with the bite (also known as the occlusion – this is the relationship between the lower and upper teeth and the way the teeth fit together). Some people prefer to use powder adhesives and others prefer pastes. It is often a good idea to try both and choose the one you find more comfortable.

Paste adhesives can make removing the dentures more difficult and this can pose problems for people who suffer from arthritis or disabilities. Powder adhesives are generally easier to remove so this may be a better option for some people. If you want to find out more about denture adhesives, ask your dentist for advice.

How much do denture adhesives cost?

Denture adhesives are very inexpensive and are available from just a few pounds. You can buy denture adhesives from many different outlets though different retailers may charge different prices. It is a good idea to ask your dentist for advice when choosing an adhesive. Though denture adhesive can be a short term solution, you may think to think about other treatment in the long run.