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Denture Relining

Denture relining is a procedure that is carried out to improve the fit of a denture. This is because, over the course of time, the denture can become loose as a result of the mouth changing shape. Once the denture becomes loose, it may cause the gums to become swollen and painful and it may affect the function of the denture. Problems may include difficult with eating and your speech may be altered slightly.

Most dentists advise denture wearers to have their dentures professionally re-lined every two years. You should visit your dentist on a regular basis to promote good oral health and for them to check the fit of your dentures. If they need relining sooner, your dentist will advise you to have this procedure.

The process does not change the appearance of the dentures in any way. It merely improves the fit of the dentures, which increases comfort and functionality.

Types of denture reline

There are three different types of denture reline:

  • Soft reline: a soft reline involves using softer, more flexible material. This may be used if a patient is experiencing discomfort with their dentures because they have sore or tender gums, which may be a result of poorly fitted dentures, injury or oral health problems.
  • Hard reline: a hard reline is usually carried out if the patient has good oral health and healthy gums. The dentist will use a soft putty like substance to create an impression of the gums, which is sent to the laboratory. The putty is replaced with durable acrylic and the denture should fit much better than before.
  • Temporary reline: a temporary reline may be carried out if the patient has very sore or inflamed gums and their denture needs relining. This is usually the case if a patient has not been to the dentist for a long time or they have not had their existing dentures relined for a long period of time. A temporary reline allows the gums time to heal.

Why is denture relining beneficial?

Denture relining is beneficial because it ensures that the denture fits well. This prevents swelling and pain in the gums and improves the function of the denture. Denture relining allows the patient to enjoy the benefits of a new denture, without actually having to replace their old denture.

How much does denture relining cost?

The cost of denture relining may depend on the dentist and clinic you visit, though private fees are usually around £77 for a standard reline and £120 for a soft reline. Fees may vary according to the dentist and the practice you visit. This is a small price to pay for a comfortable fit as allowing dentures to become looser will often only exacerbate the problem.